About Me

When you're ready to prioritize your pleasure - Abby May is the Way! One of the Northwest's premier companions for gentleman seeking a mature connection. You know what they say about the voracious appetite of a woman in her thirties!

A sensual hedonist with the skills to create a unique experience whether you seek sensual relaxation or a kinky adventure! I prefer to focus my attention on a select few so check your calendar and introduce yourself - let's get you on my calendar! I have beautiful play space in a secure & convenient downtown Bellevue locale.

I love bad television, good food, good books, good music & good company! I like to share a drink with a friend now and then - red wine and Scotch are my go-to’s. I enjoy being introduced to new varieties of each.

I have a well established reputation in the Seattle community. I am one of those people who believes that if you’re going to do something you should do it well!  It’s important to me to bring integrity and care to my craft!

What is my craft you ask? I like to describe myself as a purveyor of private pleasures. I’m most well-known for creating a companionship style fantasy girlfriend experience. Connected, sensual, and fun! I absolutely adore mutual pleasure and creating space for our unique connection to steer the course of our trysts! I loathe scripts, checklists, & mechanical interactions. Those who’ve met me know that once you get to know me a whole world of erotic adventure opens up for us to explore together! Pamper yourself & indulge in a cerebral erotic adventure!

I’m mature, well spoken & comfortable in my own skin. A woman who has grown into her erotic self and seeks playmates who are looking for a real erotic connection not a performance. I absolutely enjoy entertaining! Whether we meet once when you’re travelling through or become weekly playmates I hope that every new friend I meet leaves feeling like our time together was well spent and worth repeating!

I’ve included a lot of information on my site to help you decide whether you’d like to meet and to set you up for success in connecting with me. I encourage you to explore and get in touch so we can get down to having some fun together!






  • 1 Hour Delight                                   $450
  • 90 Min Relax                                      $600
  • 2 Hour Indulge                                  $800


  • Each Additional Hour                       $200
    • Outcall + $100
    • Meetings longer than 3 hours must include a meal or other activity out.
    • Social time - $200 per hour. 
    • Outcall Available to Upscale Seattle/Bellevue/Seatac Hotels ONLY. I do not offer outcall to private residences for a first meeting.
  • 4 Hour Dinner Date                               $1200 (+expenses)
  • 6 Hour Night (or Day) on the town     $1500 (+expenses)
  • Overnight (approx 6p-8a)                     $2000 (+expenses & Minimum 6hrs sleep)




ETIQUETTE: Behave like a gentleman. Sometimes when we get excited or nervous, social niceties slip our minds. Please try to remember your social niceties. I expect and respect polite, discreet behavior at all times.

Etiquette = Aphrodisiac!  

Never attempt to discuss illegal activities with me. Your payment should be correct and complete and preferably in an unsealed envelope which you should set down on the counter on your way in. (You should never need to ask me about it, you are a successful competent man – you know how to do the math. Also don’t try to be so discreet that I don’t see where you’ve put it!)

At an appropriate moment (generally once we’ve said our hello’s) you should excuse yourself to the restroom to wash your hands and refresh your breath. This is also the appropriate moment to excuse yourself to the shower if needed. I am not your nanny, if you think you might need a shower you probably do – I trust your judgment.

Now sit back, relax, & enjoy the adventure! It’s time for us to get to know each other & make some magic!

     What are your rates? Is ____ on your menu?  If you ask me about money or sex acts I will end all communication with you. Even if you have already wasted your time and mine with screening emails and you're supposed to be coming over in 20 minutes. 

     Do you offer outcall?  Yes! I offer outcall for an additional $100 to upscale hotels in the Seattle/Eastside/Seatac triangle. I only offer outcall to private residences if we have met before or you have references I know well.

     Why didn't you respond to my email?  Did it contain explicit material? Did it attempt to negotiate my rates? Was it a one-liner? Did it ask about "menu items"? I do not respond to emails that contain any of the above. If your message was respectful, clear, contained references and indicated a specific desire to meet or get screened for a future meeting and you didn't receive a response... I'm honestly not sure what happened, by all means please send it again, I must have missed it.

     Why don’t you post a menu?  There are number of reasons I don’t post a menu: 1. I think it’s utterly indiscreet. 2. I have found that the most successful encounters are achieved through open minded mutual exploration; it’s all about the energy and the adventure, not about working mechanically through a checklist. 3.  That said, I have an established reputation as a high quality fantasy girlfriend companion. I have recently been made aware of the term GGG, and I have to say, I think it both describes me well and describes the qualities I seek in my playmates: “In his March 1, 2007 column, Dan Savage summarized: “GGG stands for Good, Giving, and Game,” which is what we should all strive to be for our [playmates]. Think ‘good in bed,’ ‘giving equal time and equal pleasure,’ and ‘game for anything – within reason.” (Due credit here owed to Dan Savage via Tanuki)

     Do you offer FBSM/FBST?  I am not a trained or licensed massage therapist. If it is massage you seek, you should look elsewhere. I am happy to incorporate light sensual massage, particularly mutual massage, into any session, but I do not offer a differently priced FBSM/FBST session. I am not experienced in body work and I don’t keep a massage table on hand. If you're interested in couples massage, I do know of a fantastic spa nearby that offers couples massage followed by private time in beautifully appointed suites.

     Can I have your phone number?  I only give out my phone number once I have had an opportunity to screen you and we have confirmed a time to meet. I do not like talking on the phone. I never schedule via phone. I am not interested in having a chat. We will speak on the phone only so that I can guide you to my doorstep. Taking phone calls simply isn't something I'm comfortable with because frankly people have a tendency to say stupid inappropriate things to ladies like myself over the phone. My apologies if you prefer communication by phone. If that is the case, I encourage you to seek out the company of one of the many lovely companions in our community who is happy to do so.

     Do you offer half hour meetings? No.

     Can I take your picture?  No.

     Will you send me additional pictures? Pictures of your face?  Absolutely not.

     Where are you located?  I keep an upscale private playspace on the East Side!

     What if I don't have references?  If you aren't in a hurry, and you don't have any recent or local references please reach out and tell me a little bit about yourself. Let me know why you don't have current references. Please be prepared - alternative screening will require that you provide me with verifiable personal information. I have a few ways of doing this that are discreet and I take care never to connect your information with my Abby May account. Keep in mind that safety, discretion, and privacy (both yours and mine) are my priority. I delete all personal information as soon as we've had a sucessful encounter. If you don't have references and you are uncomfortable sharing your identity with me - I do hope you have a great time with someone else.

     What if I have a foot fetish?  You and you’re foot fetish are most welcome to attend to my pretty pedicured feet!

     Do you have age/weight/ability limits?  Age 21+. I connect well with mature gentlemen, but I consider mature to be a state of mind, not a number. I welcome all shapes and sizes, just be squeaky clean and smelling fresh (I have a well-stocked restroom where you can freshen up!) I happily accommodate diff-abilities, however my incall is unfortunately NOT wheelchair accessible. Please do let me know when we meet if you have any conditions I should be aware of. For example – do you have any serious allergies, do you keep heart pills on hand, etc. (You can discuss such things with me in person, I don’t expect you to send me your medical history or anything. :)

     Do you provide BDSM/Fetish/Fantasy Encounters?  I do! I'm interested in all kinds of fun games! From role-play to watersports, spanking to sploshing my talents and interests are diverse! However these encounters are reserved for returning friends only. Once we’ve met, had an opportunity to establish trust and become familiar with each other I would love to see where our interests intersect! One of the best things about repeat visits is the opportunity to continually explore our erotic boundaries and fantasies together! (Whether they're delicious vanilla or delightful new flavor combinations we haven't even thought up yet!)



Rough Potential Availability - Please note I am low volume provider - I keep my trysts limited to a lucky few! So these hours are POTENTIAL availability they are not "store hours" like they post on the door of a convenience store ;) 





I can generally make myself available weekdays 7am - 1pm, All Day on Wednesdays & Thursdays (7am - 10pm), and occasional weekends. If you have a few days to plan ahead I can probably accomodate your request. (Though at the moment Monday/Tuesday evenings I cannot accomodate.) I don't blow people off or cancel or move things around at the last minute - I won't do that to you to accomodate anyone else and I won't do it to anyone else to accomodate you. To do so would completely violate my sense of basic manners! The best way to establish weather our schedules can be aligned is to send me a note with your scheduling needs. 








Under Construction


To connect with me please send email to AbbyPlease@gmail.com

Please be sure to introduce yourself, provide contact information for at least two references, and don't forget to let me know when you are intereseted in meeting and how much time you would like to spend together!